Upcoming Events


  1. Hidden Springs Community Haunted Happenings -
    • Hidden Springs Community Haunted Happenings
    • Saturday, October 19th
    • all ages

Monday, October 21st

  1. Baby Rhyme Time 10:30am-11:00am
    • Baby Rhyme Time
    • Monday, October 21st
    • 10:30am
    • A half hour of rhymes, songs, and stories for you and your littlest one!
      Program content best suited for ages 0 - 2 years, with a caregiver.

  2. Adventure Club 4 Kids 3:45pm-4:45pm
    • Adventure Club 4 Kids
    • Monday, October 21st
    • 03:45pm
    • This program gives an opportunity for kids to explore, be creative, experiment and work with other kids while learning and having fun with science, technology, engineering, math, along with a craft. Held every Monday at 3:45 pm. ages 5 - 8

Tuesday, October 22nd

  1. Music & Movement 11:30am-12:00pm
    • Music & Movement
    • Tuesday, October 22nd
    • 11:30am
    • This is an all ages program that uses a wide variety of activities designed to help children with language acquisition and pre literacy skills, all while being fun and engaging. It also provides parents with information, effective tools to entertain, interact, comfort, and observe their child/children. Join in the fun with yoga, songs, stories, musical instruments, and dance.

  2. Adult Evening Book Club: 6:00pm-7:30pm
    • Adult Evening Book Club:
    • Tuesday, October 22nd
    • 06:00pm
    • Adult Book Club meets the last Tuesday of each month @ 6 pm either at the library or the MERC. Everyone is encouraged to participate in the group discussion. There are no right or wrong answers. You MUST have fun, enjoy and respect others opinions! A wide variety of books are chosen, by vote, to fit different interests. Book sets are available for check out and readers have about three weeks to read the book before the group gets together to discuss it. It is requested that you have read or at least part of the book before the discussion. adults only

Thursday, October 24th

  1. Preschool Storytime 11:30am-12:30pm
    • Preschool Storytime
    • Thursday, October 24th
    • 11:30am
    • At Preschool Storytime we use a wide variety of activities designed to help preschoolers with language acquisition and pre-literacy skills, all while being fun and engaging. These storytimes build a foundation for reading and sets the stage for a lifelong love of literacy. These storytimes also provide parents with information and effective tools to: entertain, interact, comfort, and observe their child. Join in the fun with: stories, songs, flannel boards, and simple crafts. Best suited for 3 to 5 year olds.