Upcoming Events


  1. Preschool Art -
    • Preschool Art
    • Thursday, January 21st
    • Children are active learners, and making art is a hands-on activity that expands imaginations and exercises creativity. Join us for some fun process art at home!

      Watercolor salt resist: winter sky. Supplies to have on hand: watercolors, paintbrush, white paper, salt, jar of water.

      Video will be available after 10am.

      Ages 2 - 6


  1. Music and Movement -
    • Music and Movement
    • Friday, January 22nd
    • Put on your dancing shoes! We will sing, stretch, dance, bounce, balance, jump, boogie, wiggle and use scarves, shakers and other fun tools to get moving!

      Video will be available after 10am.

      Ages 0 - 6

  2. Anime Club 4:30pm-5:30pm
    • Anime Club
    • Friday, January 22nd
    • 04:30pm
    • Share your love of Anime and Manga in a fun engaging group! Whatever you are a fan of come and share. Tell us about cosplays you are working on, the anime you are streaming and watching, and tell us all about the manga you are reading. Meet new friends and share your love of the stories and art!Every Friday from 4:30 - 5:30pm, online via Google Hangouts.Questions? Contact Eric at ehovey@adalib.org Ages 12+

Saturday, January 23rd

  1. Self Care Saturday -
    • Self Care Saturday
    • Saturday, January 23rd
    • Each week, we will engage in mindfulness activities (such as meditation, breathing techniques, journaling prompts and tips) light crafting, baking and cooking tutorials, and other self soothing activities to help you unwind from the week and prepare for the next. Plus, you'll get the chance to learn new skills and have fun!

      Video will be available after 10am.

      Ages 18+

Monday, January 25th

  1. Homeschool Huddle -
    • Homeschool Huddle
    • Monday, January 25th
    • Homeschool enrichment programs and activities: art, STEM, history, crafts, and FUN!

      This week join us for Lesser-Known History: Homeschool History Lessons! Learn where the name “Idaho” came from. Idaho was the 43rd state admitted to the Union, but Idaho is home to a surprising mystery: what does its name actually mean?

      Video will be available after 10am.

      All Ages

Tuesday, January 26th

  1. Storytime -
    • Storytime
    • Tuesday, January 26th
    • Join us each week for stories, music, and engaging activities that your family can do at home!

      Video will be available after 10am.

      All Ages