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Ribbons of red, orange and blue on a beige background, with the title "Costello Challenge: Reading Fun for Adults."
For Adults

Join the challenge!

Ann Costello was a librarian at Ada Community Library who read voraciously and helped select books for the library. After retirement, she served with the Friends of the Library, continuing to connect books with people through used book sales. Ann read a wide variety of books. Ada Community Library is proud to launch the Costello Challenge this year in memory of Ann to introduce readers to the breadth of available literature.

Read all 12 categories, one (1) book per category. You may not use the same book for multiple categories. You may choose print books, audiobooks, or e-books and eaudiobooks. Anyone may participate but you must have a Lynx consortium library card in good standing in order to be eligible for prizes.

Categories include:

…From a celebrity book club or an award winner/nominee

…Recommended by a friend, family member, or library staff member

…Translated from another language

…In which the main character has a disability or is of an underrepresented group

…Set in the future

…Set in a big city

…Set in a rural area

…That is a short story collection

…About a family saga

…That is alternative history/historical fiction

…With a crime in it

…Set in Idaho or with an Idaho connection

…Published in the 20 th century

…Is a graphic novel/manga

…With animals as main or important characters

Grab your completed form at an Ada branch library or download to print it here. When finished, turn it in to a library staff member!