ACL Reopening Plan/Procedures | 6/1/2020 (updated 4/20/2020)(Archival Purposes)

As of May 19, 2021 the Library moved to follow protocol that is in accordance with CDC, CDH, and Idaho guidelines.


ACL Reopening Plan/Procedures

Approved By Central District Health Department 6/1/2020
Reviewed and Updated 12/1/2020

Reviewed and Updated 4/20/2021


Stage One


Curbside Pickup Procedure

  1. Patron calls to say they are coming by for holds or other quick pull items (within 15 min). Staff should get the library card number or name to look up before hanging up (to ensure it will go through). If they give us their card number, also confirm address. If they want us to look up by name, also ask for address and phone number.
  2. Wash or sanitize hands before handling materials. Pull items and check out to patron. Place items in a paper or plastic bag including fliers promoting online resources. Staple hold slip to the bag or write the patron’s last name and first initial on the bag itself. We suggest using a tote with a cover for best weather protection but individual locations may determine best practice.

We can take an order over the phone and pull items from the shelves for patrons if time allows. These interactions are also an opportunity to teach patrons how to place holds on specific items that are currently in the library for future reference.

Computer Reservation Procedure

Scheduling Computer Use Appointments:

  • Two computer stations are currently set up in a special location (e.g the Bookstore at LHB) and are available by appointment. The week of May 26th, the appointment computers will likely be moved into the main library study or meeting rooms. 
  • Both computers can print, but only one computer can talk to the printer at a time. Depending upon your set up users may need to press a button on a box that connects to the two laptops to the printer to toggle between computers.
  • Schedule appointments in the google calendars titled “Computer 1 Reservations” and “Computer 2 Reservations.”
  • Instruct the patron to call the library upon arrival so a staff member can open the door.
  • Allow for a 15 minutes between appointments to clean and disinfect the area
  • Appointments must not extend beyond 15 minutes prior to closing.

When the patron has left:

 ● Allow for 15 minutes between appointments to clean and disinfect the following:

○ Keyboard

○ Mouse

○ Table

○ Chair

○ Printer/ toggle switch

○ Door Handles

Partial Closure Bookdrop Procedures

Bookdrop will be retrieved once per day at 1PM (assess and adjust as needed)

  1. Wash hands for 20 seconds.
  2. Gloves must be worn and are located on the counter above the bookdrop bin.
  3. Empty the large bookdrop
  4. Take bin directly to quarantine room
  5. Empty all books into boxes
  6. Close up the boxes
  7. Write the date the drop was collected on the paper and the end quarantine date (4 days from collection date), attach paper to each box.
  8. Place boxes on the floor along the wall
  9. Remove gloves and dispose of them in the trash can in the quarantine room

Checking in Materials after Quarantine Period:

  1. Wash hands for 20 seconds
  2. Locate the boxes with today’s date
  3. Empty items from boxes on to the cart in the holding room
  4. Take cart to Check In area and check in items
  5. owned items should be sorted and placed in check in shelves as usual
  6. Other library items are to be placed on designated tables in designated room
  7. Return cart to the holding room
  8. Wash hands for 20 seconds

Note: Reduce contamination with other surfaces by not touching the cart or quarantine room lights while wearing the gloves.

The pen and tape dispenser should remain in the room so they are not used for other purposes.

Stage Two to Four

Library Use Appointment Procedure

Appointments are up to 15 minutes long and booked on the quarter hour in the designated Google calendar. Beginning Monday, September 28th, we will begin booking one appointment at a time for library use by phone or chat. Appointments may be made for an individual, family or group of people quarantining together. This is in addition to appointments for computer use. If patrons walk up to the library and wish to make a reservation in person, we will accommodate their request when we have an opening, but will ask that they call ahead for subsequent reservations and let them know that we are making an exception for them. Each patron group entering the building must be familiar with our new expectations for patrons prior to entry or during entry (this will eat into their visit time). They may choose to read a flier explaining expectations, to watch a video covering them, or to have them described by staff

Welcome & New Library Rules Script
Updated 10-1-2020

    • Hi! We’re so excited to have folks back in the library again. To keep things as clean and safe as possible we’re currently doing library use by appointment only. Appointment hours are M-F 1- 5:30, & Sat 10-1:30. Appointments are up to 15 minutes long and we’re asking folks to be very mindful of the time so everyone who wants to use the library can.
    • If you need to use a computer, you can make a computer appointment between 30 - 120 minutes.
    • We have some new guidelines for safe library visits. Do you have a couple minutes for me to explain those to you?
      • No problem, just call back another time before your appointment. 
    • Great! We are really trying to keep our staff and all of our patrons safe so we require everyone, over the age of two, who enters the building to wear a mask.
      • If you don’t have a mask we have ones you can use.
      • If you are not able to wear a mask, we do have curbside pickup and other services available for you to use.
    •  We have hand sanitizer for everyone to use as soon as they enter the building and we ask that you use it periodically during your visit.
    • We do require social distancing while in the building so be sure to stay at least 6 feet away from library staff.
    • We are also asking folks to be very aware of what they touch in the library and limit the touching of materials as much as possible. If you touch items and you decide you don't want them, we have a quarantine cart for you to put them on.
    • If you are bringing young children with you, they will need to be with you at all times.
    • We also encourage you to either use the self-checkout to checkout your items, or to use the CloudLibrary app and checkout items with your phone.
    • If you have items you want to return, please return those to the outside bookdrop; it's open 24/7. Please be aware that we are quarantining all items for 5 days after they are returned and it may take up to 7 days for items to be checked in.
    • Do you have any other questions? 
  • Book the appointment using full name of caller. List the number of people in the group and get their phone number.
  • Patrons can have one appointment per day and have up to 3 appointments booked at one time
  • Library use appointments and computer appointments are different; they can be booked back to back.

Reopening Roles

As we welcome patrons into our facilities again, there will be new roles for staff to fill in our changing work environment. These new roles will be in addition to already understood roles, such as covering the circulation or reference desks. As staffing allows and necessitates, staff may take on more than one role at a time. Below are descriptions of the responsibilities of these new roles.


 The greeter meets patrons at the door when they arrive, and communicates with them our new expectations for patrons* during their visit if they are not already familiar. The greeter monitors the number of patrons in the building, and manages traffic into and out of the building to maintain a number of guests at or below our maximum for the current stage of reopening. The greeter monitors the reservation system for computer use and library use, allowing patrons skip the queue if there is one during their scheduled visit. The greeter distributes face coverings to those who need them.

Expectations for patrons during reopening process:

  • If sick, please wait until your symptoms subside before coming to the library.
  • Patrons over the age of two are to wear a mask while in the library.
  • Patrons are expected to wash or sanitize hands first upon entering the library.
  • Patrons are required to maintain 6 feet of distance between themselves and other patrons and staff while in the library.
  • Young children are to be accompanied by an adult at all times.
  • Patrons are asked to minimize handling of materials while browsing, and to place any that they do touch, but do not take home with them, on the reshelf cart for quarantine.
  • Patrons who use a computer are asked to flip the sign attached to the monitor up to use and to leave it up when they are finished to indicate that the computer needs to be sanitized before being used again.

Flow Manager

The flow manager is the point person for interactions with the public inside of the facility. The flow manager monitors use of the space, answers patron questions and further explains our expectations for patrons as needed. When patrons are waiting to access the facility, it will be the duty of the flow manager to communicate with patrons to coordinate equitable access to the library always at a distance of at least 6 feet.

Curbside Overseer

The curbside overseer will prioritize answering the phone, and delivering materials for curbside pickup.

Sanitation Supervisor

The sanitation supervisor will administer the ACL cleaning protocol for the public spaces in the facility, as well as take daily stock of cleaning supplies, hand sanitizer, and personal protective equipment and notify the branch manager of purchasing needs.


All branches will move from appointment to capacity operations model beginning in April.

As of May 1, 2021, the library will no longer quarantine materials.