Vehicle Use Policy

Approved by the Board of Trustees 2/15/22



A.   This Policy outlines the use of vehicles for work used on behalf of Ada Community Library.

B.   Operators of Ada Community Library-owned or leased motor vehicles shall always drive safely, legally and courteously, remembering that they are directly responsible for maintaining both Ada Community Library-owned property and public trust.

C.  Employees are expected to operate vehicles safely.  It is the policy of Ada Community Library to provide a safe working environment that protects our employees and our citizens from injury and property loss.  The Ada Community Library considers the use of vehicles part of the working environment.  The Ada Community Library is committed to safe and responsible employee driving behavior that reduces the risk of personal injury and property loss. 

D. This policy applies to all employees who operate vehicles on Library business. These drivers will be referred to as “employee drivers” and will be evaluated by managers and supervisors to ensure full implementation and compliance. 

2)   USE

A.  Vehicles owned or leased by Ada Community Library are to be used for the functions of Ada Community Library. Personal use or any other type of use must be authorized by the Director

B.   The Connect Branch is entrusted with the care and keeping of the vehicles and may assign that responsibility to an employee.

C.  Types of Vehicles

1. Library-Owned Vehicles Employees must be authorized by their supervisor to operate a Library vehicle.

2. Personal Vehicles on Library Business Employees who drive their personal vehicles on Library business are subject to the requirements of this policy including, but not limited to:

a.  Maintaining auto liability insurance with at least minimum state limits.

b.  Providing proof of liability insurance to the HR Dept. on an annual basis.

c.  Maintain vehicle in a safe operating condition when driven on Library business


A. Each employee assigned to an Ada Community Library vehicle or employees who operate an Ada Community Library fleet vehicle are required to have a valid driver’s license.  Should an employee’s driver’s license expire, be revoked or suspended, the employee shall immediately notify his or her supervisor.  At the time of the suspension, the employee’s Ada Community Library vehicle-use privileges will be suspended until further notice.  A supervisor must review the situation and determine whether to permit the employee to resume operating a vehicle on library business.

B. Each employee assigned or permitted to operate an Ada Community Library vehicle shall be responsible for the following:

1. Proper and safe operation of the vehicle;

2. Service and maintain the vehicle in accordance with the manufacturer’s recommendations;

3. Maintain vehicle registration, license plates and inspections; and

4. Participate in vehicle safety and defensive driving training as required by Ada Community Library and provided by ICRMP.


Employees who may drive on library business will be evaluated and selected based upon their driving ability. To evaluate employees as drivers, management may:

A. Review past driving performance and work experience through reference checks with previous employers.

B. Review the employee’s Drivers License Record (DLR).

C. Ensure the employee has a valid driver’s license.

D. Ensure the employee is qualified to operate the type of vehicle he/she will drive.


Except as authorized herin, all drivers and passengers are required to utilize seatbelts as mandated by law.


The driver of an Ada Community Library vehicle, or any other vehicle being used for Ada Community Library business, is not permitted to use a mobile communication device, cell phone or computer of any type in any way prohibited by law. Drivers must be safely parked before using phone or mobile computer equipment. A mobile communication device is defined as "a text messaging device or a wireless, two-way communication device designed to receive and transmit voice or text communication."


Smoking is expressly prohibited in all Ada Community Library vehicles.


The driver must not operate a vehicle when his/her ability to do so is impaired or influenced by: alcohol, illegal drugs or other illegal substances, prescribed or over-the-counter medication, or illness, fatigue or injury.

The employee driver is obligated to report to his/her supervisor any reason that may affect his/her ability to drive safely.


Employee drivers must make sure that the current insurance card is kept in the vehicle at all times.


A. In the event of an accident, the driver shall, when possible, first check on the safety and welfare of all persons involved and seek immediate medical attention should it be required for themselves or others. If possible, move the vehicle to a safe location out of the way of traffic.

B. Drivers shall always have a police officer investigate any accident that involves an Ada Community Library vehicle. This will help ensure that Ada Community Library is protected from unwarranted claims. Do not discuss fault with, or sign anything from, anyone except a police officer, a representative from ICRMP, or an authorized representative of Ada Community Library.

C. Drivers shall notify their supervisor as soon as possible of the accident and report the extend of the injuries and property damage involved.

D. Drivers shall cooperate fully with ICRMP Claims Department in the handling of the claim.


All fines and other criminal penalties due to violations of the law by the driver are the personal responsibility of the driver of either an Ada Community Library vehicle or a personal vehicle driven on library business. These costs are not reimbursable by Ada Community Library and must be paid promptly by the driver.


A. Any Ada Community Library vehicle in need of repairs should be repaired in a timely manner. Decisions regarding the selection of a repair shop should be made in consultation with management.