Display Case Policy

It is the policy of the Ada Community Library that the Display Cases at the Library are available free of charge to individuals or groups under the following guidelines:

1.           Library sponsored displays are given priority at all times.

2.          The display cases are available free of charge for individuals or groups engaged in educational, cultural, recreational, intellectual, or charitable activities.  The cases are not available for political or commercial purposes except displays by the Friends of the Ada Community Library group.  Displays must not conflict with any other established Library policies.

3.          Displays will generally be scheduled for two to four weeks.  Recurring displays by the same group or individual will be discouraged for any groups/individuals other than the Friends of the Ada Community Library and for library related displays.  Director approval is needed for displays lasting more than four weeks.

4.          Groups or individuals using the display cases must complete the Display Case Request and Waiver of Liability form which includes an acknowledgment that the requestor is responsible for the collection and that the Library has no responsibility.  Only the signer(s) of the form will be allowed to add or remove items from the case.

5.          Exceptions to any of these policies must be approved by the Library Director.

6.          The use of the display case does not imply endorsement of the beliefs of that individual or group by the Ada Community Library.

Approved by the Board of Trustees, August 23, 1995
Revised, May 19, 2009
Revised, September 20, 2011