Volunteer Policy

1. Volunteers are identified as persons who regularly perform duties or tasks for Ada Community
Libraries without wages or benefits other than Workers’ Compensation. Community Service workers (court, school, or other) and members of the Friends of the Library are also volunteers.
2. The Library will designate a Volunteer Coordinator to oversee the use of volunteers. Each
department that uses volunteers shall designate a Volunteer Supervisor to train and supervise volunteers.
3. A volunteer application form including a background check must be completed. The library will pay for the background check. Volunteers under age 18, including those conducting community service, will complete a Teen Volunteer application form (without background check) which must be signed by a parent/guardian and will be supervised by the Youth Services Department Volunteer Supervisor. Friends members, short-term volunteers, and Community Service workers are not required to fill out an application or background check. Court-required community service workers are referred to ACL based on our criteria regarding offenses.
4. Volunteers will be accepted only when there is a suitable task/duty match; when skills, interest,

location, and schedule have been considered. Volunteers will be used on the premises of the Ada Community Library and its branches during regular library hours only. Exceptions may only be made by the Director.

5. Volunteers will not take the place of paid staff, and will provide special and supplemental
services. Both the volunteer and the Library have the right to terminate the volunteer at any time, for any reason, with or without cause.
6. Each volunteer is asked to work an average of two hours a week for at least six months.
Community Service workers are asked to work a maximum of two hours per day, but may work more than one day per week as needed.
7. Volunteers are expected to follow the same work and behavior codes as employees and patrons.
8. Volunteers will be required to read the Volunteer Manual and will wear a badge/lanyard
identifying them as volunteers when working for the Library.
9. Volunteers’ hours will be recorded for each time they work at the Library for purposes of annual
recognition or for the requirements of Community Service.
10. A volunteer’s application and login sheet will be destroyed after one year of inactivity;
community service logs after six months. Teen volunteer work records may be kept up to three years for college application reference purposes.

Approved by the Ada Community Library Board of Trustees November 15, 2005

Revised May 18, 2010

Revised September 20, 2011