Right to Privacy Policy

Ada Community Library will take reasonable steps to protect user privacy and confidentiality in both library material transactions and in computer use.

While complete privacy cannot be guaranteed for our users, the library will take reasonable steps to avoid creating and retaining unnecessary circulation records and Internet use records.  The library will address overdue notices to those individuals listed on a borrower’s account, and will give titles, authors and subjects borrowed, placed on hold or loaned from another library to those individuals.  The library may collect patron information, including phone numbers, addresses and/or email addresses for library business purposes, and for telephone or email reference requests, hold requests, PC reservations, etc. These hard copy or electronic records are destroyed on a regular basis.  See Appendix A (Patron Information Retention Procedures)

Unless materials are overdue, damaged or lost, state or federal laws are violated, or a legitimate court order directs otherwise, the library will take reasonable steps to protect each library user’s privacy and confidentiality.


Adopted by the Board of Trustees, July 10, 1991

Revised, August 19, 2003

Revised, September 20, 2011