Upcoming Events


  1. Homeschool Huddle -
    • Homeschool Huddle
    • Monday, April 19th
    • Homeschool enrichment programs and activities: art, STEM, history, crafts, and FUN!

      STEM Challenge: Fit your body through an index card!

      Video will be available after 10am.

      ALL AGES

  2. STEAM -
    • STEAM
    • Monday, April 19th
    • It's time for STEAM: Science, Technology, Engineering, Art, Mathematics!

      Dry Erase Magic

      Video available after 10am

      AGES 5 - 11


  1. Storytime -
    • Storytime
    • Tuesday, April 20th
    • Join us each week for stories, music, and engaging activities that your family can do at home.

      Video will be available after 10am.

      ALL AGES

Wednesday, April 21st

  1. Baby Rhyme Time -
    • Baby Rhyme Time
    • Wednesday, April 21st
    • Follow along with rhymes, games and songs that develop early literacy and fine motor skills. Scroll down to the YouTube links to watch Miss Julie, Miss Jana, or Miss Jennifer lead you and your little one through all of our favorite rhymes and songs from Baby Rhyme Time! Use the links in the video descriptions to find your favorite rhymes and songs.AGES 0 - 2

  2. Take & Make Kits available for pickup -
    • Take & Make Kits available for pickup
    • Wednesday, April 21st
    • *while supplies last*PRESCHOOL -- Polka Dot Butterfly. AGES 2 - 5KIDS -- Earth Day Windsocks. AGES 5 - 8STEAM -- Earth Day Pollinator Seed Bombs. AGES 5-11 Adult Field Trip -- Explore the Treasure Valley with a Hiking in the Foothills Kit. Ages 18+*while supplies last*

  3. Dungeons and Dragons 4:00pm-7:00pm
    • Dungeons and Dragons
    • Wednesday, April 21st
    • 04:00pm
    • Tap into your imagination and explore the engaging world of Dungeons & Dragons! This tabletop game encourages socialization, literacy, inventiveness and storytelling through role playing. You will create your own characters, fight monsters and roll the dice to determine the outcome of events! Every Wednesday from 3:30 - 6:30 pm, online via Google Hangout. Questions? Contact Dungeon Master Eric at ehovey@adalib.orgAGES 12+